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Righteousness Exalteth a Nation

Category: Radio Broadcasts - Words of Grace
Created on 21 March 2016

Proverbs 14:34 says "righteousness exalteth a nation." This means a country whose citizenship, on average, pursues a godly, righteous standard of living will experience great peace and blessings as a derivative of their actions. 

In recent weeks, we've seen the hostility between polarized fringes of the American population escalate to levels of mob violence. In some cases, demonstrations and protests have approached the level of all out anarchy. As the ministry of the gospel, it is our responsibility to declare God's standard, even in such cases as this. 

The first principle Pastor Winslett shares in this broadcast, is that the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God (James 1). Actions carried out in anger are usually regretted later. Secondly, as often observed by the framers of the United States, only a morally upright people can enjoy lasting liberty. Since public violence is immoral and sinful, we all stand at risk of losing our personal freedom when a substantial number of our citizenship engages in riotous behavior. And lastly, as believers in Christ, we must interceded to God in fervent in prayer for our elected officials. 

Radio broadcast for March 20, 2016

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