The Spiritual Benefits of Public Worship

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Created on 05 October 2015

Many people today claim to be "spiritual" but outright reject the notion of organized religion. Sadly, in our country, a nation wherein a large majority claim to be Christian, studies show that only between 20% and 40%attend church on a weekly basis. It's crystal clear from Jesus' preaching that discipleship is not possible without actually "following Him," and to follow Him we must assemble with the saints to worship Him and hear His word proclaimed. To say that another way, we can't be real Christians without being a part of a church body. Does this mean one must go to church to get to Heaven? No - salvation is by grace, not religion. But to be a FOLLOWER of Christ, I must assemble with the saints. 

The main reason we go to church is because God is worthy of our worship. Were that the only reason, it would be enough. But there's more to it! Unlike harsh, cruel legalism with its demands, public worship is good for you! In this episode, we consider a few different ways in which assembling with the church personally benefits you.  Listen, and then go to church! 

Radio broadcast for October 4, 2015

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